Standard Portable Restroom

Portable toilets or porta-potties come in handy when plumbing fixtures aren’t available. They are used in various settings, including construction sites, music festivals, and more. Cortez Sanitation provides quality portable toilet rentals in the bay area and nearby areas. Once you’ve decided on what you’re looking to purchase, and have reserved a portable restroom, we will ensure it arrives on time and in good condition. You can rely on Cortez Sanitation to handle all of your portable toilet rental needs for your next project or event.

ADA Portable Toilet

Our ADA porta potty rentals are clean on arrival and are designed specifically to accommodate individuals with special needs. In addition to being thoroughly sanitized prior to arrival, we also provide a service for keeping the restroom sanitary throughout your project or event.

The ADA porta potty rentals are extra large with a width, height, and depth that gives users the comfortability and maneuverability needed to utilize our restrooms.  Each ADA portable toilet also comes equipped with grab bars to make the ADA porta potty more versatile and safe for the end user. The grab bars can be used as extra support for maneuvering around inside the unit and can also provide an extra bit of security from slipping and falling. For added safety, the ADA porta potty is also lined with an anti-slip surface.

Each ADA portable toilet is designed at ground level, so no ramp is required to access the unit.

Restroom with
Crane Hook

Our standard restroom with crane hook is perfect for increasing job site efficiency with its heavy duty crane hook.

  • Heavy duty crane sling for delivery to and from elevated job sites
  • Non-flushing toilet & urinal
  • (2) Rolls of Toilet Tissue
  • Anti-slip flooring surface
  • Translucent roof allows users to see clearly once inside the restroom while maintaining privacy
  • Maximum ventilation to minimize odors
  • Occupancy indicator provides privacy to bathroom users

High Rise

Designed exclusively for high-rise construction projects because it can be easily rolled into an elevator.

  • Heavy Duty Casters (wheels)
  • Non-flushing toilet & urinal
  • (2) Rolls of Toilet Tissue
  • Anti-slip flooring surface
  • Durable steel frame/poly combo body

Waste Holding

Our waste holding tank rentals are made of high quality plastic and each one is delivered in good condition. They are mainly used for storing:

  • Toilet waste
  • Food waste
  • Gray shower water or freshwater

These waste holding tank rentals are especially popular for construction site office trailers. These projects are often temporary and are constantly moving and evolving as the project takes shape, so a portable holding tank rental is the ideal solution for such cases.

Hand Wash

Our portable sink rental features liquid hand soap, hands-free foot pumps, and paper towels which help keep hands clean and germ-free while also conforming to state and locals law requirements.  Order as many portable wash station rental units as you need for your site or event, and we’ll take care of it.

  • Our portable sink rental is top of the line quality and can accommodate up to 600 washes so you can worry less about the facilities and focus more on the task at hand
  • Our local technicians set up and service the unit for you. That means they refill the water, soap, and paper towel dispenser so you can focus on more important matters