Septic Pumping


Septic tanks are often overlooked and you may not even know that you have one or several of them. However, if you ignore a septic tank problem, it can have far-reaching consequences in and around your property. Once you discover these problems, you need to address them sooner rather than later with the help of an experienced specialist.

Ideally, you should have a professional pump the tank every three to five years. There are also actions you can take to keep the tank in working order. For instance, you can help your family understand what can and cannot be flushed or drained. As an example, you should never pour fatty leftovers from cooking down the sink and store them in a separate container.

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Why Septic Systems Are important

When your tank accumulates too much solid material, it will begin to overflow out of the tank and into the drain field, mixing with the usual liquid. The most prevalent cause of drain field failure is particles clogging the drain field. Because they do not require oxygen to survive, the bacteria that thrive in septic tanks are known as “anaerobic bacteria.” These bacteria are necessary for the proper operation of a septic system because they aid in the breakdown of such particles naturally.  Furthermore, septic tank pumping removes waste from your system which prevents blockages and overflowing.  Pumping your septic tank regularly will save you money, safeguard your property, and raise the value of your house or company.

There for you in an emergency

Failure to keep your septic tank in good working order might result in catastrophic structural damage. One bad storm is all it takes for your building to be flooded. For that reason, you need to keep your septic pump in good operating order, you should have it inspected and cleaned at least once a year.

At Cortez Sanitation, we’ve worked with septic tanks for decades. We can check whether it’s working correctly and make any necessary repairs. Suppose the tank malfunctions during a storm. In that case, we can immediately respond and repair the problem before any damage to your structure happens.

RV Septic Tank Pumping

RV septic tank pumping services in San Jose is an essential service for anyone who owns a recreational vehicle. These services help ensure that your RV’s waste management system is functioning correctly, and any waste is appropriately disposed of. San Jose has several RV septic tank pumping services that offer reliable, efficient, and affordable services to RV owners. These services typically use specialized equipment to pump out the RV’s septic tank, and they dispose of the waste in an environmentally friendly manner. It is recommended that RV owners schedule regular septic tank pumping services to avoid any potential problems and maintain their RV’s optimal performance.

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